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Public transport for surface and sub-surface journeys across the UK: A forward looking concept: Almost Always Connected

*** Paper 9 'Working together' added Sept 2016 ***

The 9th paper expands on the 8th paper's outline proposal for an industry centred pathway for the next stage of UK public transport ticketing and journey management, and calls for urgent discussions to plan the way forward. It suggests that those discussions be hosted by ITSO Ltd

The background to the papers published on this web site is that the author contends that public transport in the UK is an essential public service, and must be treated as such by public and private sector alike. With rapid advances in communications technology over the last few years, and further advances expected, there is an opportunity to transform and integrate ticketing and journey management for bus, train, tram, and metro. Seamless multi-modal multi-operator travel becomes deliverable.

The key is to make use of the ever growing capacity, speed, and affordability of data networks, and install and operate them to push the data about your entitlement out to the places where it has to be, or may have to be, available for use.

The passenger will travel in a cloud of data, with multiple but often transient copies available through multiple routes.

Design and rollout should be coordinated by an enhanced ITSO Ltd.

  An introduction, the nine papers, and a short presentation, about this forward looking concept for ticketing and journey management across surface and sub-surface public transport in the UK, are available here.

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